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Hello and welcome to the Message Forum! Here's your chance to post messages to me and to other visitors about whatever your little heart desires. Of course I like to talk about all things to do with writing, painting, Canadian, children, being a parent, being alive, children with special needs (especially with Asperger's, PDD, hyperlexia), astrology, spirituality, Myers-Briggs personality profiles, ah - what the heck, anything!

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Nothing really, except that I'm too lazy to update my comment originally posted Aug. 9th

Phew. Busy. Really really busy. What have I learned lately? Um, that lawyers will drag their butts till the cows come home unless you insist, and then, well sometimes what they whip off it makes sense they take their time, as a contracting officer I can understand this. I have people who will insist on leaving contracting stuff till the last minute and it becomes an "emergency" and yet, alas, I can't help them, it's too late, we have laws, blah blah blah. Oh and banks. Still don't like banks. They are invasive and annoying, no matter how necessary they are I can't complain too loudly though, it was just a lot of paperwork in a short time frame; had I had this planned well in advance (lol, do I ever do that?) this would have been much easier.

We now await paperwork, I have one more day of work here, and then I'm off to my greener pastures. Oh, and yesterday I got a call from a "head hunter" offering me a chance at a job making something like $75k. I laughed, and even a little harder because he asked if I could recommend someone who works with me. There isn't anyone, just me. Sigh, there's a shortage of people like me, and yes, yes there is. Still, I am so happy to be going home - dollars can't create the quality of life I have so dearly missed.

So poor Jim has had to deal with this and the death of friend, Sandra my rock has also had to deal with an even closer death, the kids are worried; this is so far away. Other people worry too because my ideas now are much like my ideas always, not quite what they feel should be right for me. But are they me? No, and I am the person who ultimately has to live my life, I have to do what makes me happy, even if sometimes people don't quite understand that.

Perhaps it is an INFP thing that I worry too much how people think, that I remember words thrown at me in anger like a printed page, that people sometimes cannot fathom my reasoning that comes from my heart and intuition but if it's any consulation, while I do make mistakes sometimes, I always land on my feet, and in the long run, my choices are the ones that suit me best - that's why it appears I land on my feet. And sometimes those choices (heck, most of the time) are not the easiest ones. So for those who are set on things concrete, breathe a little easier, I know what I'm doing..okay?

I have had a raft of: responsibilities to x, y, and z; to religion (not my ideas, those belonging to others); to people doubting I am actually making up my own mind; to people doubting the decision I made to give someone else the choice to make up their own mind; to.....heck, everyone thinks they know what is best for me and mine and yet, are they us? How well do they know us?

LOL, those are INFP questions for sure. And those people I really wish would study personality theory a little more, it's not astrology, it's not psychic stuff or new age stuff, it's psychiatrists and psychologists who have spent a lot of time (some their careers) developing ways of understanding others. There are many personality theories out there, some are great (I like Myers-Briggs myself in case you haven't already figured that out), some are out to lunch, some are just plain flaky. But many have some pretty good grains of truth in there too.

Okay, I'm tired, and as you can tell just a little stressed. The house stuff is going well though, and move is on schedule and I really am looking forward to it and to my new job. I won't be making $75k, but to have a nice chunk of my dreams come true in these short weeks, like the Mastercard commercials say, that's priceless.

Cathi, a little more honest that usual, but knowing hardly anyone reads this, lol.

More later!