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Lisa's General Forum (Froggy's Realm)
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Congratulations on...

... acheiving a new Paralympic Games Record during the first heat of the 400m! (1:11:95)

Something tells me that if I have a drink to celebrate your achievements in Athens I'm gonna be a mess.... -=smirks=- Oh well... hasn't stopped me before.

The Link to Results...

Just to make it easier for anyone that may be interested:

Re: The Link to Results...

Thanks for the support buddy! Glad to hear you are keeping tabs on me. I wanna hear you cheering all the way from BC!!!!

Re: Re: The Link to Results...

Rock on Girl!!!
ALL the BEST in the final:)

Hope to hear all about it soon.


Re: Re: Re: The Link to Results...

Thanks Stef.
I race the 200m final in about 6 hours...hungry for gold again.