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Winthop Taxi

Hello & Welcome to all our potential new customers. Winthrop Taxi is new to Winthrop & we are hoping to inquire some new faces & take them to some new places. We are happy to announce the Winthrop Taxi Services of Super Market Trips, Hospital/Clinic Visits, Airport Services, Scheduled Pick-Ups & trips to the Mall. We have brand new cars with heat or AC, whichever you prefer that make you, our customer, comfortable. We have handi-capped accessible vans & we accept all majot credit cards ($15.00 Minimum). We hope to hear from you soon. & remember, any Taxi Services that you may need, Winthrop Taxi is the way to go !!! Take Care!!!

Re: Winthop Taxi

EXPLAIN why it cost more to go from winthrop to logan 20.00 then everett to logan 16.00 last i knew winthrop is a hell of a lot closer to logan than everett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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