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Corporal (temporary) Arthur Paul Wright

Good day to all-

My father, Arthut P. Wright, served in the First Provisional Marine Brigade, and was a veteran of the original 22nd Marines, 6th Division.

I have a newspaper article (from Whittier, CA, where he was from)that reads . . . "Corporal Arthur P, Wright, Marine buglar, had the privelege of sounding the colors on a captured Japanses bugle on Engebi island, Eniwetok atoll. The American flag was raised by a contingent of Marines who took over the captured Japense island less than 24 hours after the first waive of assault troops landed . . ."

Id really love to meet and speak with fellow soldiers that he served with - or if anyone has inforamtion about his service? Please do not hesitate to contact me--

God Bless you all- God Bless the Corps!