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anyone know, exactly where they fought, illnesses suffered


I am interested in finding out exactly where my father fought during World War 2. I would love to know if anyone remembers him or has any pictures of him. His name is Joel Wake Graves. He probably went by Wake or J.Wake. He was with the 6th Marine Division, 22nd Marines, 3rd Batallion, Platoon 2. I have recently found some letters that he wrote during the war to family members and would just love to have he contracted a fever sometime while he was in service also--he died from an illness called Progressive Supra Nuclear Palsy, which seems to occur more often in people who fought in the islands. I would love to know what sorts of illnesses or fevers were commonly contracted during this time in the islands and see if I could pursue a link there. Mainly, I just want to know more about what my dad's war experiences were alike. I was born years after he returned from the war, but my sister was in 2nd grade when he went off to the war--both of us would love to know more about his experiences--he didn't like to talk about it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks so much for all your service to our country and for any info you can give me. Sincerely, Reba

Re: anyone know, exactly where they fought, illnesses suffered

My father, David Remer, Jr. also was in the 22ed Regiment and also had to leave because of a fever which I believe was Yellow Fever or Jaundice. He was in Tsingtao at the time. Whatever it was, he was shipped home from there.

I just discovered this forum, so I'm going to prowl around and see what I can discover.