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Thank You 6TH Marines

I want to thank the 6TH Marines and your fantastic website for bringing a special part of my uncle John B Quinn Jr home. John Quinn's status is M.i.A.,but with your help his dog tag has been returned to his family. Major Kerry Quinn USMC (Ret} was giving the tag 18 years ago when he was stationed on Okinawa. Kerry saw my post on your site and contacted me to return the tag I also want to thank Bill Pierce for all his help and guidance on behalf of Uncle. Bill, thank you for your service, you dedication and your contacts. None of this could have ever happened without you. Chris Majewski is one of those contacts, whose incrudible efforts on Okinawa to find my uncle are greatly appreciated. The entire Paleno and the entire Quinn Family are forever grateful. Thank You Bill, Thank You Kerry, Thank You Chris AND THANK YOU 6TH ......Larry Paleno