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Michael F.X. Dolan G-3-29 6Marine Division

For those that may have known my dad, Mike Dolan:

He passed away in Bethesda, Maryland May 14, 2009. He had been wounded on Okinawa on May 16, 1945 in the battle of Sugar Loaf Hill. At the time he was wounded, he was with several other Marines, all of whom had been ambushed. My dad made it out alive and after making it to safety, he was tended to by medics and sent to Guam.

After my dad passed away in May of 2009, [almost 64 years to the anniversary of his being wounded on Okinawa], I saw footage from the film "1945 Just Declassified 6th Marine Div. Uncensored Film: Okinawa" on youtube. Amazingly, in "segment 3" of the film at about the 8:50 minute mark my dad is seen being treated by medics.

Link here:

No words to express the experience of seeing my dad along with all those other courageous Marines who were giving all there at the battle of Okinawa. Filled with awe and gratitude and will never forget their sacrifice.

My dad, Michael F.X. Dolan, Semper Fi at Okinawa, and Semper Fi throughout his entire life. May he rest in peace.

Re: Michael F.X. Dolan G-3-29 6Marine Division

FYI I posted some photos that belonged to my dad on your Facebook website. Here's the link if you would like to view them: