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Pvt. Peter L. Massaro

Hello - My brother was in the 6th Marines; Company B; 54th Repl BN III; 1st Batallion 29th Marines; mortar gunner 607. Does any one remember him or do any descendents of 6th Marines have photos with his name. I have a few of my brothers photos but only one has a name Pvt. Steve J. Markowick.Will email to anyone interest in seeing them for purpose of I.D. I have received a lot of info from the military but not the ships he served on.I did pick up a couple of ship names, however: S.S.Mormachawk for Noumea New Calidonia 5/26/44; 7/15/45 USS McCracken. He was at the signing of Japans surrender at Tsingtao, China. Thank you.