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* Gaining military records from the govt a MUST read......

Hope this helps others here. I was seeking the ships my Father was on during WWII as a Marine. We paid $70.00 to the govt for his records and they came in about 3 weeks! AMAZING! All the ships are on there, although the person writing it looks like they stuck the pen between their toes to write it with and they were supposed to print it clearly I believe. Anyway... we're thankful to get this inof. If anyone needs info on their loved one like this I recc. going this route. It was chock full of other info and even a photo of my Dad when he was first there at 17!

*** Address for this info is:
NATIONAL PERSONNEL RECORDS CENTER Military Personnel Records 9700 Page Ave. St Louis MO 63132-5100

Blessings to all us 'kids' left that had parents fight this terrible war so we may have what we have now. Thanks Dad... you were the best! I never realized what you and all your buddies really went through over there. See ya in Heaven soon.
'vickie' 'Sunshine'
PS If anyone knows anyone from the 2nd Battalion, 15th FA Regiment 6th MArine Division, my Father was Vic Franklin (Field Radio Opertaor) was on SEA RAY, USS Bollenger, USS Monrovia, USS General L.H. Butner, USS LST 833 Would love to hear from anyone that knew him. He loved animals, (dogs), hunting, wanted to be a veterinarian and was also a shartshooter. Thanks