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Charles Flynt

I would like to find servic informatio for my
grandson about his other grandfather William Charles Flynt Jr. Bill died 30 Nov 1981 from result of injuries suffered from his own hand. I have the following informatio and would like to expand on information about his service on
saipan and Okinawa. I have the following that I have obtained from the National
archives."Embarked aboard the U.S.S. Doyan at Hilo Hawaii.....10 May 1944....He was assigned to the 6th Marines, 2nd Division.....he disembarked 15 Jun 1944 Saipan Maeiannas and participate in action against the enemy until 9 Jul 1944. He participated in action against the enemy Japanese forces on Tinian, Marinnas 26 Jul 1944 until 1 August 1944. He embarked aboard the U.S.S. Bayfield 1 April at Saipan, M.I. 3/7/1945 and sailed therefrom 27 Mar 1945 arrived Okinawa, Ryuku Island on 1 April 1945 and engaged in action against until 14 April 1945 as a member of a Marine element of the X Army". He participate later in the occupation of Japan.

If anyone would have information as to which Battalion/Company/Squad with which he served I would be grateful for the information that I might add it to my grandson's genealogy.

Thank You
Robert L. McElroy, CMSgt USAF Rer.