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6th division, guada canal in 1944 - Flag with signatures

My husband just inherited a flag from his father. The flag was my husband's great grandfathers from 1944 (he's passed away a few years back). It was captured and then signed by many of the men there that day with their name, ranks and where they were from. I'm trying to find out more information of where exactly it was captured from and any info so I can have some history with it for generations to come. It's still in pretty good condition. The date on the flag is dated "Nov. 1944 Tsing-Tao, China" If anyone knows of someone there who would like to see the picture, please contact me.

Re: 6th division, guada canal in 1944 - Flag with signatures

Hi. My Dad served with the 6th Marine division and was in China after the battle on Okinowa. I have been watching the new series on the history channel this week and I am so interested in knowing more about WWII and what exactly my Dad encountered in his time in the South Pacific. My Dad died almost 15 years ago...and like many WWII surviving soldiers...he did not talk about the war.
From my own research I learned he served in the 6th Marines, 15th, artillery unit. His name was Jim (James)Criscitello. If you have a picture, I would definitely like to see it. Thanks.

Re: 6th division, guada canal in 1944 - Flag with signatures

My Dad also was in the 15th Marine regt. 3rd bn.. I have a photo of at least ten men standing and sitting around a Japanese flag. I don't know who they are but it is fascinating to look at. My Dad is sitting in the middle.

Re: 6th division, guadalcanal in 1944 - Flag with signatures

Just wanted to update everyone that I am hoping to use a different camera tomorrow to take pictures of the flag. My camera ended up taking too detailed of pictures to upload to email to send out as an attachment. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to send these out. I was also told by my father-in-law that he has numerous pictures that his gpa had taken during his time in WWII with the 6th. I am hoping to see these in the next few weeks and I will definitely be watching for the names everyone has sent me! Hopefully some of them will match up. Thanks to everyone for your help!

Re: 6th division, guada canal in 1944 - Flag with signatures

According to my Grandfather's records he was at Guadalcanal in November 1944. He actually disembarked from the SS Cape Clear on Sept. 14 1944 and was still there in November. I would love to see a picture of the flag. My Grandfather's name was Lt. Robert Samuel Troxler, known as R.S. Troxler. Thanks