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Looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather

Hello all,

I know this is a huge long-shot but I am looking for any surviving members of the 6th Marines who may have known my Grandfather. My grandads name was Howard "Curly" Gladman from Detroit Michigan.

My grandpa served in the Sixth Marines for 3 years and nearly died on Okinawa when he stepped on a land mine.

Unfortunately, my grandfather died when I was quite young, only 10 years old (I am 29 now) and all I have left are some very happy memories of spending time with him. I would like to know a little bit more about his life in the military, what unit he was in, what battles he fought in and maybe a little bit more about the history of the 6th.

I have a photo of him when he was still in the service and it shows what I think is a Pacific Theater ribbon with four small stars on it. I can email the photo if you like.

Kind Regards,
Adam Allington
Red Hook, NY

Re: Looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather

Dear Adam,
If you go to the "Sixth Marines Home page, on the left are sub-titles, click on each one, there is a "specific on on the "History of the 6th Marines".....also, Barnes and Noble online have "Out of Circulation" Copies of the book "The History of The Sixth Marines" well as "The Marshalls" by Lt. Col. Robert Heonze Jr. & Lt. Col. John A. Crown...and "The Recapture of Guam" By Major O.R. Lodge. These will help you descover ALOT about your Grandfathers Division. I also have 2 posts about "Mine", who was with "I" Co. 6th Marine Division, 22nd Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 1st Provisional Marine Brigade that invaded Guam. Although my Grandfather is still with me,(Bless his Heart) and I visit him almost daily to gather info. to write his memoirs.

I wish you luck, and God Bless

Sincerely Kathi Salinas
Proud Granddaughter of a USMC Hero