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Response from friends

A few years ago I told a close childhood friend of mine (and his wife) that I was a nudist. At the time their response was one of disinterest. There was no judgment, no followup questions, just an acknowledgment of this new information, and life continued. I was a little disappointed that they didn't seem to care much about this part of my life. As a result, I didn't bring it up any further.
About three years ago I decided to broach the subject again and invited them to an annual event at a local nudist club that I thought they might enjoy. It was the kind of event they did typically did, this just happened to be at a nudist club. They seemed interested, but unfortunately they couldn't make it. They actually ended up moving out of town temporarily for work.
I met up with them once during their hiatus and asked them if they were interested in going to the event in the future. Their response was that they wanted to wait until they moved back, but there was a hesitancy with the thought of being nude (to be expected). We left it at that.
My friends have now moved back, and I invited them again. This time they said they had another commitment and the subject was dropped.
I don't want to pester them, but at the same time, they never really said they didn't want to go. I'm afraid of scaring them off if I keep asking them. Any advice?

Re: Response from friends

You've brought it up 4 times over the years. They are aware of your lifestyle. Just continuing the contact without any pressure but talking about events you have been to and how much fun, will keep it in front of them without making them think you are making this "a requirement" of the friendship.

They don't seem to be bothered by it, like they are chewing on it. Casual conversation about how much you do and enjoy the activities is like them standing at the window considering whether to buy the product. They will eventually decide.

Let time do it's work.


Re: Response from friends

I think you have made it clear to them.
Dont forget to invite them to non naturist things as well.