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Hi! Welcome to my message board! Use it to contact me or others or to post questions and share ideas and experiences. The topic should always be related to nudism / naturism. Feel free to respond to posts from others in a respectful way if you have something helpful or meaningful to contribute. Let's keep it light, lively, and most of all, fun! Thanks!

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My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

My family doctor retired and I had to seek out a new doctor. She is Chinese/Canadian.

Of course, the new doctor wanted to establish a 'baseline' for my health and did a Full Exam. She noticed that I had an All Over Tan, and remarked: 'Ah, you like Sun everywhere, I watch for spots on skin' !!

I asked her out of curiosity: 'How many of your patients are like me?' She said: 'About 10%'.

Nudists are more prevalent than we imagine !

Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

Our family doctor is Muslim. I'd hesitate to broach the subject. She has a good bedside manner, so to say, and she is older than me (I'm 70). Even so, I've only been to see her three times in 30 years. The only question she can't answer is, "why are we still working?" I haven't retired yet.

Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

My wife noticed a spot on my left butt cheek and thought I should get it looked at since I had previously had a cancerous spot removed from my nose from too much sun. I have never had a full body scan so I made the appointment at the dermatologist. I got into the examining room and the attendant said to put on the normal paper gown and I could leave my underwear on. I just ignored the "leave the underwear" on part since I wasn't wearing any. The doctor started examining me and made a comment about the fact that I must spend a lot of time in the sun. I told him I was a nudist and apparently he has never encountered any before. He said he didn't think anyone could be a nudist in Michigan because of the weather. I told him I could spend a lot of time in my back yard nude as long as no one could see me.
I thought it surprising that someone in his profession had not encountered any nudists.

Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

When I first went to my skin cancer specialist, I made it clear that I was a nudist. No underwear to "leave on" gave him a clue to that along with a tan all over. About 5 years ago he cut a melanoma out of my back. He now checks me 6 monthly.
This year he cut out a suspicious mole which he had been monitoring for a couple of years. Turned out to be nothing.
The funny thing is his name. Dr Tan

Hi Sunny, if you're reading this. I really amaze myself whenever I re-read my personal story. Might need a new chapter.

Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

I think Dr. Tan needs to visit a nude beach or naturist resort/campground just for the fun of introducing himself by title and last name!

Take care and stay bare!



Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

When I was ten years old, I had a quick physical exam for the YMCA summer camp.
The nurse told me to undress but leave my underwear on. When the doctor came in, I removed my underwear so she could do the complete exam. She was our family doctor since I was born and had seen me nude for years. At that time I had tan lines.

After that summer, I returned for my annual exam before school started in September. When the doctor came in to the room, I was already undressed.
The first thing she asked me is "What happen to your tan lones?"

I told her that one week of summer camp, swimming outdoors without a swim suit, I lost my white part.

Re: My Doctor knows I am a Nudist.

I wore nothing but shorts in the summer when I was a boy, and yeah, the cotton tail is hard to avoid unless you live in the country or have nudist friends.
In other cultures, kids have free reign to run around naked, not so much around here.

Wow! A week of sun on bare buns can give you a painful burn unless you prepare your skin ahead of time.

This summer I am still in a lot of situations where the sun is free to turn most of my body brown, but I have to leave the shorts on.

I will try to even out the tan by wearing only a t-shirt as I relax or work in my back yard. Then when legs and bottom are as brown as my upper torso, I can resume total nudity.

I protect my skin by avoiding midday sun every single day, although a few minutes of it are needed to make vitamin D.

My skin won't let me be outdoors and nude 8 hours a day every day. Instead, I take a couple of days off from sunbathing or outdoor nudity to give my skin time to rest and repair.

I also take astaxanthin nutritional supplement. It has a reputation for helping skin repair from sun exposure. No burns so far this summer!