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Rochester locations 1804

In my gggg grandfather's Samuel Chamberlain's will dated 1804 it states he lived on Four Rod Rod in Rochester.While I know where that road is; I was wondering if anyone knows specifically where the Chamberlain's lived.
Also it mentioned a place adjacent to his land called "Hog's Lane".I have never heard of that before and it couldn't be "googled".Any ideas?
Samuel's brother,Ebenezer, was the great grandfather of the Civil War general Joshua Chamberlain and while that tree has been done many times I'd like to make this family ;the majority which moved from Dover Neck to Rochester pre Revolutionary War, better known to the public.Any help in advancing this goal would be much appreciated.Thanks for reading my post!

Re: Rochester locations 1804 - by Dina Farrell - Jan 20, 2007 7:51am
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