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We have posted this board to better inform people of breeders/owners of APBT/AST. This is also intended to display positive experiences as well as negative to give people a better prospective when choosing to sell/buy an APBT/AST (American Pit Bull Terrier/American Staffordshire Terrier).

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i have PERFECT DOGS for sale and DVD's my e-mail

NOW 50(!!!!!!) DVDs for $300 only ( over 120 hours of videomaterials)

You choice any payment you want:
You can pay for each DVD and buy disks that you want, or you can pay full
collection for - $300 .
Lowest payment $100.
This prices including shipping.You will receive video during 10-20 days,
after I receive your money.
You can send money by WESTERN UNION only. Sorry, but I live in little town
and this is only way receive money from overseas. My address:
If you will send money by W.U., you need to write me Money Transfer Control
Number (MTCN). You will recieve MTCN in office of W.U., after you send

I have many dogs for sale, some with CH potencial, e-mail:

I have videos of rolls of ALL started dogs which I offer for sale. If you
really interested to buy some of my dogs , i can send to you video with
matches and rolls some of my dogs on DVD. If you want, give me your address
and I will send you 10 DVD Ablizin's dogs (total around 20 hours of
videomateriales) for $50 including shipping.

On DVD # 1 (Ablizins dogs # 1) You will see parts of matches and rolls of
my foundation dogs ( Tucson, CH Bad Rosemary, CHLuther-Best Dog of 1997,
Jee Gun Lemon-Best Dog of 1998 etc.).

On DVD # 2 (Ablizins dogs # 2) You will see few best my dogs for last few

On DVDs # 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (Stud ## 1, 2 and 3 and Broods ##1 and 2) You
will see my dogs which I use or planned use in near future like stud dogs
or brood females.

On DVDs # 8, 9 and 10 (For Sale ## 1, 2 and 3) you will see dogs offered
for sale.

If you will like some of my dogs, you can tell me name of dog and I will
tell you more about this dog.

Each DVD is labeled and you will see name dog which you see.
I saw many of best dogs for last years and I think, my
dogs can matched into best.
I "little" understand in dogs, I matched over
50 times. If You will like my dogs in action, You can buy some of them.
This is very easy, if You will like, You can buy dog, if You don't like,
You don't buy dog.

Probably You will see best and gamest what You even saw.
Every next year my dogs become better and better and You can see, mostly
of my dogs can be used for competition of TOP level. You can see on video
mostly parents and grandparents of dogs which you choice.

You can read little more informations about my dogs on my

You can contact with me
Sorry for my english, I hope You understand me.
Good Luck.


DVD # 1 price $15

1.Ablizin`s Jig-a-Bull (off Tucson) vs Pit Forvard BVS` CH Marshall (2h 39min)
2.Ablizin`s Zorky (off Ch Luther) vs Belmes` Jango (20min)

DVD # 2 price $35

1.Ablizin`s CH Luther (Dog of Year 1997 in Russia) vs Belmes` Iron George (1h 10min)
2.Ablizin`s CH Luther (Dog of Year 1997 in Russia) vs Rustam`s Devil (50min)
3.Ablizin`s CH Bad Rosemary vs Kolesnik`s Ksuha (17min)
4. Ablizin`s CH Bad Rosemary vs Mike (29min)
5. Ablizin`s CH Bad Rosemary vs Keesel's Bessy (12min)

DVD# 3 price $15

Ablizin`s Jee Gun Lemon (Dog of YEAR 1998 in Russia, off Ch Bad Rosemary)
vs Jankee`s & Alekseenko`s CH Kinto (3h12m) (3hours) Classic match

DVD # 4 price $15

1.Ablizin`s Jig-a-Bull (off Tucson) vs DD & WW`s Testickul (42min)
2.Ablizin`s Jig-a-Bull (off Tucson) vs Shklyarevsky`s Snickers (36min)
3.Ablizin`s Seroshtanka (off CH Bad Rosemary) vs Alexsander`s Blondy (1hour)
4.Ablizin`s Charlie (off Tucson) vs Victors Bakh (37min)

DVD # 5 price $15

1.Ablizin`s CH Bon Aqua (off Ch Luther) vs B.V.S.`s Puma (27min)
2.Ablizin`s CH Bon Aqua (off Ch Luther) vs Andrey`s Britney (40min)
3.Ablizin`s Sarge (off Ch Bad Rosemary) vs Nite (1h 45min)

DVD # 6 price $15

1.Ablizin`s Sarge (off Ch Bad Rosemary) vs CH Tiger (2h 11min)
2.Ablizin`s Mount (off Ch Black Pazmanian jr) vs S.Q.`s Dodge (44min)

DVD # 7 price $15

1.Ablizin's Candy (off Mount) vs Pit Forvard' Honda (1h 10min)
2.Ablizin's Chavis (off Mount) vs Roseatuk's Philya 1xW (1h 17min)
3.Luka Voited BIS (off Ch Luther) (27min)

DVD # 8 price $15

1.Ablizin`s Smely (off Ch Luther) vs DD&WW's Ramon (1h 28min)
2.Lyutick (off Ch Bad Rosemary) vs Mike (1h 07min)
3.Ablizin`s Tucson (off Homer ROM) vs Grushev`s Jambo (8min)

DVD # 9 price $30

1.Soulman's GR CH Triggerman vs L.B.K.'S CH Spooner (50min)
2.S.C.K'S CH Niko vs Kornel's Black Face (41min)
3.Rolling Hill's CH Taz ROM vs Tomcat's Nabob (43min)
4.Patrick's Rick Rude vs Budwiser's Bud (21min)
5.Rochester Combine's & Chambers' Ivan vs C.B. Boys' 45(21min)

DVD # 10 price $30

1.Tito & Lokal Boys' CH Ninja vs K.Aiiens Robert T(31min)
2.DBL GR CH Tornado vs Tito's Sandy (20min)
3.DBL GR CH Tornado vs Rastamans' Sadie (51min)

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