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Street Havoc - AUG 7- Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX

We are proud to present the 2010 Street Havoc Custom Truck and Car Show being held in San Antonio, TX at the Freeman Coliseum on August 7th.

Spectator Tickets are $20 at the gate, $3 off with flyer or printed online flyer. Pre-sale tickets are $15, fill out this form and mail it in with a money order. er_form.pdf

Prize Money Amounts are subject to increase, never decrease (this means prize values may go up depending on sponsor turn out)

As of now:

$750 Best of Show (It's going up)
$250 Best Truck
$250 Best Car
$250 Best Motorcycle
$250 Best 4X4
$250 Best Import
$250 Best Domestic Sports Car
$250 Best SUV
$250 Best Lowrider Truck
$250 Best Lowrider Car
$250 Best Lowrider Bike
USACI Triple Point Sound Competition

12 Havoc Models to pose with your ride, if you ask nicely or give then a tip.

Patrick Stephens, the #1 stunt biker rider in the U.S. and is team are going to do 3 breath-taking shows for you and if that isn't enough, he is going to set himself on fire for your viewing please.

Non-Stop Tuning is going to put on a drift show for you and after their show, spectators will have a chance to ride shogun in one of their bad-azz rides and go for a drift around the track.

You don't want to miss Street Havoc, we are going all out to make this show one to remember. We got Rob G, Amanda Perez, Lucky Luciano, Low G and others taking the stage and rocking the mic.

Like I said, this show is going to be hot, so, at that note, we don't want you to over heat from all the excitement, so we have decided to have an all day foam party... yes, baby, lets get wet!!! The foam party will not be that far from the stage and the action, so you can still get down and get wet n get wild.

Ladies, got a hot bod, sign up for our Bikini Contest for your chance of winning $1,000 in hard cold cash... Yes, its printed correctly, $1,000 for 1st place. Contact John at [email][/email] if you'd like your chance at that $1,000 1st prize. 2nd place gets $300 and 3rd place gets $200.

Please, tell your Friends, especially if they are into car shows or they have a tyte ride or sport bike/chopper, even monster truck.

Pre-register your ride, $30 for cars and trucks, $20 for sport bikes/choppers, $15 for lowrider bikes and $10 for model cars. 2 entry tickets per registration, except for model cars and lowrider bikes will only receive one ticket per entry.

Car Clubs with 10 or more cars will get our club discount. Hit us up, soon!!!

Pre-register your rider now at