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Thursday afternoon in the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool . It is a great venue for mess 
room talk and swinging the lamp.  Gerry Myles ( Secretary & Treasurer)  

Pay us a visit... you may meet old ship mates.

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Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers
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Good to meet you all

I made my first trip on the Empress of Scotland 5/6/51 as deckboy, jumped ship in Australia 57, continued on at sea and retired 2001 as ships master.
I run a forum for ex-merchant seamen called "The Sailor's Home" ... a place to post photos, swing the lights and chat with like minded people. I will be home in the Pool from 22 July to 17 August and I am presently organizing a "Meet-Up" with Merseyside members of "The Sailor's Home" and we hope the venue will be the "Eldonian Club" ... that's the preferential place, it would be a pleasure to meet up with as many ex-MN guys as possible ... We have yet to set a date but it will probably be on the Wednesday after 21st. July ... any suggestions from LRMS members would be appreciated.
Cheers Lads.
Tony Dwyer

PS. "The Sailor's Home" in memory of that master piece of architecture that was the Liverpool Sailor's Home ... the idiots that demolished that building should be hung by the knackers and cursed for life! that's my opinion anyway.