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Canal Barge Project


To: "ron"
Subject: Re: Canal Barge Project
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 22:33:57 +0000

Hi Ron

Re: Manxman.
Thanks for forwarding my message.

Re; your project

Ron your project sounds great, Getting hold of Pat Moran is
very trying, getting access to the vatican would be easier.
He is not on the internet his excuse is that Computers don't
appear to like him. Hence he has given up on them.

Ron here is his phone number ,Pat Moran (01704 536796)
You could also contact the Chairman of the LRMS Alf Bordessa
Tel (207 0560)

I will try to get down there Ron but Friday is not a good day
for me as regards appointments,

What I will do is contact our web minder Tom Lipscombe and ask
him to post your project on our websites,LRMS and HML.
The more it is publicised the better it is.

Regards Gerry LRMS
From: "ron"
Date: 2006/05/05 Fri AM 09:19:12 GMT
To: "Gerard Myles"
Subject: Canal Barge Project

Gerry - I sit alongside Jack Brotheridge talking about an idea
I have to set up a community canal barge which could offer up
shopping sightseing trips to the Bottle Strand - and in time
through the Stanley Locks into the Sandon Dock complex.

The Police at Stanley Road tell me they have had one and
possibly more than one canal barge donated for community use.
These need to be 'done up'.

To promote the canal barge project I have arranged to have
Louise Ellman MP photographed at the Liverpool Boat Company
premises in Townsend Street/Boundary Street - off Great Howard
Street on Friday 12th May at about 1.30pm. Louise has to be
away by 2pm.

Jack Brotheridge has been trying to make contact with Pat Moran
so that I can ask if he would be interested in this project. I
wonder if you can contact Pat and ask him to contact me on 0151
482 2004 or email me at

If Pat is interested perhaps he can come along on the 12th. You
are welcomed as well as I'd like the project to encourage true
community spirit. For as you know there is a wealth of marine
experience in this area that might find the project of great
interest and enjoyment.

The Daily Post have expressed an interest and will try to cover
the story on Fri 12th.

Many thanks for your time and attention.

Best regards Ron

MORE DETAILS RE: Canal Barge Project


Louise Ellman MP voiced her support for efforts to operate a restored community canal barge on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. If this can be achieved the community canal barge will be able to provide shopping sight seeing trips up to the Bootle Strand and in time trips into the Sandon Dock and Collingwood Dock complex.

The Liverpool Boat Company has been established since 1978 and are recognised as the largest canal boat builder in the UK. They built more than 300 boats in 2005 with over 30 boats in production at anyone time. You can contact them on 0151 707 0722 or visit

To ensure that the community canal barge can be a viable and sustainable feature of the future use for the canal in the Vauxhall, Kirkdale and Bootle areas the project will take advice from a number of organisations who already operate successful barge trips on other sections of the waterway.
Plans related to the Canal Bird Life Project are also progressing and this project has received great help and encouragement from Stephen Higham (British Waterways) who is photographed with Louise Ellman MP. The Civic Trust has also expressed a desire to work with waterway organisations and groups to mark the dual 800th Anniversary (2007) of the cities Liverpool and Leeds, which are of course joined together by the 127mile long Leeds & Liverpool Canal.


Experts have predicted that more than 4,500 vessels will travel along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal every year en-route to the Albert Dock passing through the Vauxhall area, when the new link is opened in 2007.

It is for this reason that efforts have been made by the Scottie Press to promote and protect the bird-life resident on the canal. The Canal Bird Life Project also aims to secure much needed investment in the Vauxhall area to boost the local economy and encourage job creation.

We are grateful for support given to the Canal Bird Life Project by Next Generation Boat People who have also added a link to the Scottie Press website from their website


Merseyside will maximise opportunities to attract extra visitors to the region during European Capital of Culture year 2008. The region's designated Tourist Board which has responsibility for promoting tourism across Merseyside and the Liverpool Culture Company have committed themselves to a joint promotions strategy.

With this in mind the Scottie Press is also maximising its efforts to secure ways by which the extra visitors attracted to the Merseyside region in 2008 can made aware of the many reasons why they should visit the Scotland Road, Vauxhall and Everton areas of Liverpool. For more infor mation, please visit the SCOTTIEPRESS WEBSITE @ URL:

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