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A POEM: The Old Seaman by Jack Brotheridge

The Old Seaman by Jack Brotheridge

Still dreaming of places he once knew

As he walks down the waterfront and only meets a few

Where have the ships gone, as the river looks so bleak?

And nobody seems interested when he tries to speak.

He joins a Seaman’s club because he can’t keep up with those in the pub.

As each dawn comes, he lies awake

He must get out or he will break

He must keep up and shake off a chill

He doesn’t want to soon get ill

To be trapped unable to move

It’s not for him as he gets up and out of the groove

But time is telling on his past life

Old age and the loss of his wife

As the clock ticks on his like will soon be gone

As the young won’t listen or care

So does it matter you have had your share

Like a balloon as it one day busts, ashes to ashes dust to dust

As it seems to be, until the world changes and once again is swamped by the sea.

Submitted by Gerry Myles, Website Host.

Note from editor:
We must take solace from the words of the song:

"Deatb is Only a Dream" - public domain

Death Is Only A Dream

I. "Sadly we sing, and with tremulous breath,
As we stand by the mystical stream,
In the valley by the dark river of death,
And yet there's no more than a dream.


Only a dream! Only a dream!
Of glory beyond the dark stream.
How peaceful the slumber,
How happy the waking,
For death is only a dream.

II. Why should we weep when the weary ones rest,
In the bosom of Jesus Supreme,
And the mansions of glory prepared for the blessed,
For death is no more than a dream.

(repeat chorus)

III. Naught in the river the sanction of Paul,
Though it frightfully dismal may seem,
In the arms of our Saviour no ill can befall,
They'll find it no more than a dream.

(repeat chorus)

As recorded by Hank Williams

MORE POEMS by Jack Brotheridge


Re: MORE POEMS by Jack Brotheridge

I am a family historian carrying out a Brotheridge one-name study and would like to contact Jack Brotheridge ref. his family history. I have a lot of information to share with him.

Re: Re: MORE POEMS by Jack Brotheridge

Brotheridge John
Cranfield Road 50
Liverpool L23 9TZ
TEL: 151/9248304