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New Orleans

This message is on behalf of the members of the LRMS

The Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers send thier deepest sympathy to the people of New Orleans.
Many of the old Seafarers have fond memories of the city of New Orleans and hope that it is rebuilt to its former glory as quickly as possible

Gerry Myles Host LRMS
Tom Lipsombe web minder LRMS

New Orleans - Liverpool reaches out in support of twin city

Liverpool reaches out in support of twin city

Sep 1 2005

By Homa Khaleeli Daily Post Staff

The Turner family are rescued from the roof of their car after Hurricaine Katrina hit New Orleans

LIVERPOOL'S Lord Mayor and council leaders have joined together to offer their support to its twinned city of New Orleans, devastated in this week's hurricane.

Speaking for the people of Liverpool, the Lord Mayor, Cllr Alan Dean, said he is to send a heartfelt message from Merseysiders.

It will offer condolence for the hundreds who have lost their lives since Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana city.

The two port cities first created close ties based on a shared love of music, and the Lord Mayor's act demonstrates this friend-ship has not been forgotten.

A spokeswoman at Liverpool town hall said: "The letter will express the city's deepest sympathy for the hundreds of people who have perished in this natural disaster, and pass on our thoughts and prayers to those who are suffering."

New Orleans and Liverpool started building strong links in the late 1980s with the aim of eventually becoming officially twinned.

Their friendship once saw a surprising ceremony where the then Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Trevor Smith, danced down Liverpool's Castle Street accompanied by a New Orleans Brass Band, as a way of cementing the link.

Council leader Mike Storey said the city asked the Foreign Office to advise them about what help Merseyside could extend to the Americans, but said the most pressing concern was to pass on emotional and moral support.

He added: "It's an appalling occurrence and we sometimes forget the power of nature until we see floods and earthquakes which snap human endeavours.

"It's a terrible tragedy for those American citizens."

Sir Bob Scott, International Director of the Capital of Culture Company, said Merseysiders could easily understand the horror the people in New Orleans were facing.

He added: "The concept of any city being deluged with a surging 20ft wave is something anyone who lives on the Mersey can identify with. Happily, we are not a low-lying city, but we can absolutely sympathise with the horrendous effects of this act of nature."

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