Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers

Welcome to the Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers new Message Board. Please feel free 
to post messages on topics related to the Port of Liverpool and the Maritime Community. 
The Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers use this web site and forum as their means of 
sending and receiving news of events and platform for research. The LRMS meet every 
Thursday afternoon in the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool . It is a great venue for mess 
room talk and swinging the lamp.  Gerry Myles ( Secretary & Treasurer)  

Pay us a visit... you may meet old ship mates.

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Liverpool Retired Merchant Seafarers
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Merchant Navy Newsletter

Dear sir/madame,

I am the Merchant Navy Memorial webring master. I have been busy preparing and creating an email newsletter, that will contain new news articles on the Merchant navy worldwide, news on new Merchant Navy websites and also links to some of the sites and forums available on the internet. It will also contain items for sale for anyone who collects anything to do with the Merchant Navy and its history, i would like to take this opportunity to invite you as a member of the webring to join this newsletter group, and you are more than welcome to put your ideas forward for this email newsletter. If you would like to subscribe to this email newsletter then please email me at with the word subscribe as the subject. This newsletter will be sent on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how busy i get.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this email and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

William Grant