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The Protroculus

I wonder if anyone can help, my grandfather Fred Ellis sailed in the merchant navy during the war and after and I have been trying to get a copy of the ship he sailed in and one was called MV Protroculus ( i think thats the spelling).
I would really appreciate anyones help or if you knew him maybe get in contact, he died before i was born so I never got the chance. I know he was a CPO but not sure what company.
best regards
Tom, Liverpool

Re: The Protroculus

Hi Tom

In reply to your message about your Grand father Fred Ellis.

First thank you for visiting the LRMS web site

The ship you named MV Protroculus sounded much like she was a Blue funnel ship. I have gone through the list of Blue Funnel ships but there was no Protroculus listed.

I next tried the Shaw Savill Shipping line again no luck. Do you by any chance have a copy of your Grand Fathers discharge book? Which would be very useful?

Was he in the Merchant navy or the Royal Navy; as you mentioned he was a CPO which is a Royal naval rating? (Chief Petty Officer) the Merchant navy has Boson’s and carpenters which are classed as Petty Officers. Also what did he sign on as- Engine Room, Deck .Catering?

If you can provide his discharge number I can give you the address to write to for his sea record. I will in the meantime inquire about the MV Protroculus when I go to the LRMS club this coming Thursday; perhaps out editor or /chairman may have more information than I have . Keep on with your search it is an admirable quest and I will help if I can.

Gerry Myles LRMS

Hi Gerry & Tom,

I found the following message posted on the NET:
David Hoffman asks:
My father was a sailor in his younger days and has asked me if I could get photos and information on the ships that he once sailed on which include the Manchester Regiment, Perseus, Protroculus and the Purrhus. If anyone has information or photos could you please email them to me it would be most helpful, thank you

Re: Re: The Protroculus

Gerry just stumbled across your great site, my dad arthur lloyd was on the Patroclus when it was torpedoed in world war two ,he survived but sadly has since died in 1993. his cousin tucker saphier who was also on this ship was killed.