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Can I fit a Tubus FlyRack to an Echo ?

I understand that the Echo doesn't have rack mounts / bosses, but the Tubus FlyRack in its standard form has a single fixing to the brake bridge.

Would there be any issues with the skewers ?

tubus Fly classic

Re: Can I fit a Tubus FlyRack to an Echo ?

Hi Johnno,

We can add carrier fixings to the Echo frame so that you can use the Tubus Fly rack. We would weld eyelets onto the dropouts and add seat stays bosses. This is the best solution.

If you wish to use the frame without modification then you can use the brake bridge fitting and buy some "P" clips for the seat stay fitting. I would not recommend that you fit the carrier using the Q/R skewers.


Re: Can I fit a Tubus FlyRack to an Echo ?

Use a Tubus clamp set to fix to the seat stays. I've used them on my Esprit and the rack is rock-solid.