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My New Bike!

Dear Mark and Jim,Thank you so much for my new Eulogy. I finished it this evening and went for a quick ride, as i was too excited to leave it til Friday! It is unbelievable!
I thought it would be heavier, but with my carbon wheels it weighs 7kgs, which is not bad considering i'm 6'4".
I can't get over how much it soaks up the bumps.
The road i use ride to home on is very bad and i usually brace myself for the ruts, but the bike just seemed to float over them.
I've got my first race of the year next week, so i'll let you know how it performs.
Thanks again for your fantastic service. It has been a real pleasure to deal with you from start to finish.

Re: My New Bike!

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your kind comments, we're delighted that you are happy with your bike.