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custom builds -seatposts and enve forks

I'm interested in a custom Extensor frame, but I've seen a few that don't look too custom in their fitting - lots of stem spacers and loads exposed seatpost etc.

I'm starting to pull some bits and pieces together and I'm curious as to what the standard seatpost is for a custom fitted Extensor. Would you expect to get away with a 250mm seatpost or need a 330mm long beast?

Also, if I spec the Enve 2 fork, what rake do you recommend (& what has the Columbus minimus got?

Thanks in advance

Re: custom builds -seatposts and enve forks


We usually make frames with longer posts as this adds comfort and makes for a lighter and stiffer frame. The beauty of a custom frame of course is that you can dial in your own preferences, no spacers, shorter post etc.

The most common seat post length is 300-330mm

The ideal rake is 43-45mm. The Enve forks are brilliant!

Best regards


Re: custom builds -seatposts and enve forks

Thanks Mark.

I was originally planning to source the fork myself and keep it black, but that's just the colour scheme thought of the day talking.

If i wanted to get the fork direct from you guys and get it painted to match the frame can you do that? I see from you other fork options that paint is 40 pounds, what would you base price for an Enve 2 fork be?

Thanks again

Re: custom builds -seatposts and enve forks

Hi, I have an Extensor, with an ENVE fork. I got the fork through Enigma, and they painted it up to match the frame. It's a great fork and I am very happy with it, and the finish is very nice too.


Re: custom builds -seatposts and enve forks

Hi Mark.

Refer to your message above.

Can I use 43 rake enve fork to my frame?

FYI,i am currently using Columbus minimal fork.

Best regards,

John from Singapore

Re: custom builds -seatposts and enve forks


Yep, you should be able to use 43's with your frame.

I have 4 frames all with 73 head angles (as steep as you get) and on all but one I use 43 forks. There's plenty of clearance between the front wheel and the down tube.
I only used a 45 on one frame as the forks had mudguard eyelets... good for my winter bike... and clip-on mudguards didn't fit/sit on my forks.

Should imagine that 43's would fit most bikes, including Steve Bauer's Stealth Bike! http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=137478