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Titanium Frame for Audax

As an avid audax boy what frame would you reccommend I look at. need mudguard clearance for 23 - 25 mm tyres and possibly some extras for routing my dynamo front hub operated light system.............Was thinling of titanium.....I rember when mark first tstarted out in Bexley village back in the '90's when he had Nick Barnes Teka Alan carbon bike hanging in the window!!! Do you offer a fully made to measure service for an audax bike ??

Re: Titanium Frame for Audax

As a general rule, audax can be undertaken on any bike. On Saturday I did a 200k event on an Effusion, however IMHO the Etape is a much better all-round (lifetime) frame and would be the one I would go for if I had my sights set on undertaking the Paris-Breast-Paris or the Edinburgh-London-Edinburgh.

I purchased a similar frame from Mark seven years ago and it is still being used for winter use, training rides, on the turbo, club runs, on a local chain gang and even the odd audax.

Re: Titanium Frame for Audax

I have 2 Enigma bikes. One is a custom-made Esprit with an Etape rear triangle so it has clearances for mudguards and a rack. The other is an Extensor. I use them both for audax rides. I've done 300km rides on the Extensor. Both are comfortable, the Extensor is lighter and faster. Enigma will make you whatever you want. I'd give them a phone call. Best wishes.

Re: Titanium Frame for Audax

Hello Rick, Have you any pictures of the Esprit with mudguards? What do you think to your Esprit with mudguards, does it make much of a difference to the geometry due to the extra clearance required? Harry.

Re: Titanium Frame for Audax

Hi Harry,

I don't know how to attach photos to the Enigma list but if you email me at rickmee@me.com I'll gladly send you some.