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Ideas for wheels

Back in Oct 2007 I ran a thread enquiring about wheels and finally Jim sold me a pair of Campagnola Eurus wheels, unfortunately I have now worn the rims of these out and looking for any ideas for high end aluminium rimmed replacement wheels.

The wheels will be fitted onto an Effusion and used on fast audax and sportive rides. I frequently do century rides and anything up to 200 miles in a day.

Currently I am looking at the following ideas:

1. Fulcrum Racing Zero
2. Mavic Ksyrium SL
3. Or the final idea is to obtain a handbuilt set of wheels out of Royce Hubs, 20/24 aero spoke wheels however I am not sure which would be the best rims with this configuration

Any thought on this investment would be welcomed.

Re: Ideas for wheels

I have since found some hand built wheels with IRD Aero 30mm Niobium 20h/24h rims, Sapin CX-ray spokes and Royce hubs for £586 with a similar built weight as the Fulcrum Zeros and the Mavic SLs.

Any thoughts on these?

Re: Ideas for wheels

Hi Arran, have you looked at the Campag Zonda's? Very nice wheels if you want factory-built - but of course the beauty of hand-built is that when you wear out the rims you should be able to get replacements - I'm sure Jim would oblige with a suitable pair!

Re: Ideas for wheels

Hi Arran,
You haven't had many replies so, for what it's worth...
My original Esprit came with a pair of Zondas, which were excellent - strong and reasonably light. When I changed to an Extensor I bought a pair of Shamals which, as I'm sure you are aware, are the top of Campag's medium profile range and just one step up from the Eurus wheels you have. I think they are excellent - very light, stiff, make you want to press on. I guess they are a lot like Racing Zeros but I think they'd look better on a titanium frame.
I also have a pair of wheels hand built by Jim. Real quality but heavier and more suitable for my custom-built Esprit that I use for winter and light touring.
You have lots of choice.

Re: Ideas for wheels

You did well to get four and a half years out of them with all that riding. I had a pair of Fulcrum Racing 5s. The rims wore through in around 2 years with relatively light (~2500 miles/year) use albeit in all weather.
I've gone back to Mavic Open Pro Ceramic rims which last years but they're not the stiffest so I'd say you need plenty of spokes!
I'd love to find a pair of nice factory built wheels with ceramic coated braking surfaces.

Re: Ideas for wheels

Paul I can assure you that the factory wheels where well used, however as I am a small rider, this may have helped save brake wear on the rims.

In the end I did sourced some hand built wheels with IRD aluminium rims, PMP hubs and Sapim C-X ray spokes.

If you look at top end factory built wheels such as Zipp or Enve, essentially they are still handbuilt wheels, so I ended up going down that route.

These new wheels certainly feel smoother.