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DIY polishing?

I have a brushed frame with polished decals and two questions occur to me concerning the polished finish.

Firstly, if the polished areas become damaged, how can I best go about repairing them? I have read elsewhere in the forum that 2000 grit wet/dry and Autosol can be used to restore the mirror finish but what is the recommended way of restricting the polishing to the margins of the originally polished areas of the decals? I assume some sort of template is necessary. Can Enigma supply them or are there any suggestions how I might go about producing one myself?

Which brings me on to my second question. If I could perform a repair as discussed above, it would be nice to be able to personalise a frame by adding an initial or name, maybe that of a rider would even serve as a security feature. How feasible would it be to do this, either in mirror finish or in any other suitable semi-permanent finish involving modification of the surface of the Ti?

Re: DIY polishing?

We would always polish the entire frame rather than try to work around the decals. Yes we can supply the masks/templates that we use ourselves.

If you are polishing the frame yourself you should firstly use 600 grade wet and dry abrasive paper, followed by 1200 grade and then 2000 grade. Autosol will give you a reasonable finish, however the frame should ideally be polished with an industrial polisher for a high quality mirror finish. It's a very dirty job.