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New wheels

Just wanted to request for advice, when I purchased a my Eclipse last April, to save money decided to have Athena 11 group set, with Enigma kit elsewhere and Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels. I have now want to upgrade the wheels and just wondered if anyone has any ideas what ones would be best for it.
I think I would like to go along the Campagnolo route?
Regards DickyD

Re: New wheels

I have an Eclipse. I was running Campagnolo Vento wheels which I changed last summer to Campagnolo Zonda. I love them, and I think that they are the least that the frame deserves. Depends on budget I guess.

Re: New wheels

Hand built Record 32h laced to Velocity A23/Ambrosio with Sapim CX ray spokes. Should weigh about 1550g. Cost c.£550. Again, without wishing to sound like a broken record speak to Jonathan at Strada. Fabulous wheel building and free truing for life. Light years better than your existing wheels (c.300g lighter) without paying ludicrous amounts for factory wheels.

Re: New wheels

Having looked at the emails sent to me and notes here on the thread, I now think I should be looking towards some UK built wheels perhaps by Harry Rowland or Strada. I recon supporting the UK economy along with classic design will bring a knowing smile to my face whilst enjoying the ride. I will keep you updated.

Re: New wheels

Hello Dicky D,

We can build you a beautiful set of handbuilt wheels ourselves, we sell lots and lots of them. Any combination of hub/rim/spoke is possible.

As for a factory build upgrade, I would recommend either Campagnolo Zonda or Mavic Kysrium Elite, both are excellent.