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New Esprit

I took a big risk yesterday and bought the ex demo XL Esprit over the phone without seeing it or trying it for size! Enigma were great and delivered it today as promised. Boy, am I happy I went for it, the sizing, geometry etc seems perfect and exactly what I was looking for + the metal Athena looks perfect on the bike. To say this bike is a work of art is an understatement. I fell in love with the website photo, and now i've got it in the flesh, I can't stop popping in to the garage to have a look. Can't wait to ride it in the morning once i've fitted some pedals. My carbon road bike is going on ebay! it was good, but the esprit is my dream bike. Cheers Enigma, keep up the fantastic work!

Re: New Esprit

went for a club ride on sunday on the esprit and it was superb. Much better riding
position than my old bike and felt so much faster. The bike flies and felt effortlessly responsive. This may well be the bike i keep for ever as seems suitable for racing, climbing and I may even use it for time trials when i get some tri bars. Might be tempted to get some carbon clinchers if i see any deals (and my wife lets me!). Any recommendations anyone?

Re: New Esprit

Nick, glad that you're enjoying your new Esprit. Of all of the Ti models, it's the one I covet! With regard to carbon clinchers, my recommendation is to avoid them like the plague. Why pay through the nose for wheels which are the same weight as a decent set of alloy clinchers? If you want carbon wheels, buy tubs not clinchers. If you really must buy clinchers, only buy ENVE. Speak to Jonathan at Strada. Bon chance.

Re: New Esprit

thanks LugHugger, i'm very happy with the ksyrium equipe wheels which came with the bike as they're reasonably light and well made, so i'm in no hurry to buy anything for now. i've never had carbon aero wheels but thought they might be a good idea for TTs or races. having said that i'm not particularly fast...yet! so it was probably more for the bling factor. loving the bike though, had an even closer inspection of the frame and it's a quality piece of engineering, the little details and finish are first class. i've put my old saddle on it which is better than the enigma one but apart from that, there's nothing else i need to upgrade as i'm worried i'll compromise the already excellent set up and feel of the bike.

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