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Elite vs Cube Streamer

I am considering buying an Elite frame with Columbus Minimal fork to replace my aluminium/carbon fork Cube Streamer. The plan is to move all the components from the Cube to the Elite (mostly Ultegra, FSA and Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels, FSA carbon seatpost). As I live in NW Scotland, I can not visit Enigma to try one out before buying and I supose I want to know how different the Elite frame will be - I want something comfortable to cope with our rough roads but more exciting to ride, and light to cope with our hills! I am 5'10, 9.25stone and don't ride particularly hard but do about 2,500 - 3,000 miles a year and have suprised my self by getting competitive in our local sportives!

Any advice from Elite owners out there? Mark says it is his favourite frame but I would appreciate comments from a wider audience before parting with with my hard earned cash!