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Etape Fork & Headset Issue?

I recently purchased a second hand enigma etape frame & etape carbon forks.

I have just attempted to setup and install the forks & enigma headset, however when fitting the split crown race and the headset bearing, there is a gap between the crown race and the top of the fork which when fitted to the head tube the gap is significant (4mm)

I check the fitting the Etape headset video and noticed that when the crown race is fitted it sits flush to the top of the fork, however when I have fitted the crown race it clicks into place be there is still a gap?

The etape fork has a raised rubber gasket / bund where the stem connects to the fork,but sits proud of the top of the forks approx 2mm? ( Fork No.G8F001224)

I have placed the headset bearing into the head tube together with the crown race and this sits flush with the bottom of the head tube, therefore the issue seems to be the fork and bund?

Would anyone be able to provide me with any info on what the cause could be? I have attached a link showing pictures of the forks & headset issues?




Re: Etape Fork & Headset Issue?

Theres a black headset race already installed on the forks - you need to have that removed before fitting your new race!!