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I would like to ask what is maximum tyre clearance for Ethos frame and if it's more than 28 what breaks calipers will be apropriate ?

Re: ethos

Hi Jarek

The maximum tyre size is 28c. We can custom build for larger tyres and then we'd fit Shimano long reach calipers such as the R650.

Best regards


Re: ethos

Thank you for quick response Mark.
I will definitively go for custom frame.After big research Enigma is my choice.
I am 50 and I've never been road race cyclist .For more than 10 years I'm driving touring bike Scott Atacama Pro -Aluminium with good groupset Shimano XT. I was a weekend cyclist doing short tours with my not very sportive family.But now my fascination for cycling reborn because I have opportunity to comute to work by bike so I'm doing 15 km every day- on road.
I am finking about top quality but relaxed and versatile road bike with steel frame - not carbon or Ti. My choice was Ethos but till now i was riding 40 to 32 tyres and i'm not sure that with thiner road tyres I will sacrifice to much comfort . My second thought is Element , but I'm more tempted towards road like Ethos.Please advice me - if I'm not asking for to much.
PS. I already starte saving so I will be ready in few months.
Regard Jarek