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Any Enigma dealers in Leicestershire ?

Could you tell me please if there are any bike shops in Leicestershire that stock Enigmas ?

Julie's Cycles stock the Sabbath range of titanium road bikes and I may be forced to have one of those instead, as I can try before I buy.

I keep checking the 'Dealers' page on the Enigma website, but it never seems to change.

I'm sure that a LBS such as Lutterworth Cycles might be interested in stocking your range of cycles and it would fill a huge gap as there appears to be no Enigma dealers anywhere remotely near Leicester.

What about having a roadshow in Leicestershire ?

Re: Any Enigma dealers in Leicestershire ?

Hello Martin,

We have appointed a new dealer called Windmill Wheels, Wymondham, Melton Mowbray. They are a new retailer who will be specialising in high end and custom bikes. They are having an Open Evening on Thursday 30th April and I will be there personally with a good selection of our bikes to support the team. Perhaps we will see you there?


Re: Any Enigma dealers in Leicestershire ?

I mean 30th June, this coming Thursday.

Re: Any Enigma dealers in Leicestershire ?

Hi Jim,

Now that is interesting.

I didn't know anything about this new bike shop - maybe it needs publicising more.

I won't be able to get over until Saturday, but looking forward to being able to see the Etape, Echo and Esprit.