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Re: Enigma bikes really can shift


After returning from the Etape Caledonia, I have to agree that Enigmas really do fly. I am still in a state of shock after completing this years event with a 4h 04m time when all I really aiming to clear the 4h 30m barrier that was still irritating me.

All I remember was just pushing the bike off, blowing a kiss to Gill my wife at the start and cranking the bike up and for the next 4 hours four minutes the Effusion just seemed to carry me around. Even the Schiehallion did not appear to be as difficult to climb this year.

I also saw a couple of other Enigmas at the start including a very nice Etape with black mudguards.

My Enigma is an evolutionary project started eight years ago with close to 20,000 miles on the clock and was started with one of Mark’s previous titanium creations. It still has the original saddle and front brake calliper! For the ride I specifically selected a 23/11 rear cassette rather than alternative 29/13 cassette to prevent me from going to slow on the Schiehallion.

Rick, although we finished in the top 10% and 5% of our age banding, if we had been in the under 20 group, I would have finished 3rd and you would have been 5th!

Re: Enigma bikes really can shift

Continuing on this fast theme, both Rick and I took part in the 72 mile ride in the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride yesterday. Rick got a top 10 finish out of a field of over 700 and much to my much to my surprise I came in joint first despite having the wrong cassette fitted and a bad mid week training session.

Unfortunately on this occasion I did not see any other Enigmas.