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My Elite - Interesting Drivetrain


Thought I'd post a pic of my recently rebuilt Elite as an example of what a mismatch of drivetrain components you can not only get away with, but achieve superb, almost lossless efficiency.

FSA MegaExo bottom bracket with ceramic bearings from Ceramic Speed

Dura Ace triple crank

48T FSA big ring

Campag Race Triple front dérailleur

Shimano XTR 11-32 9-speed cassette

Ultegra triple rear dérailleur with ceramic bearings - Ceramic Speed again

Dura Ace 9-speed gear shifters

Most of these choices are by design, but one or two a result of what I happened to have. As you can guess from the gearing, this is a flyweight tourer (I don't race).

Re: My Elite - Interesting Drivetrain

Love the green Ben. Very nice looking ride indeed.