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no thread headset option in ECHO

I am sorting out my wishlist here for a new frame; that being an ECHO and one of the options being the Chris KING no thread headset. This headset comes with its own cups and therefore will not fit into the integrated headset configuration as per std ECHO frame.
Am i right in guessing that there are the occasional frames made for the press in cups.

My current alloy bike has an integrated headset and has worn to the point if the stem bolt is tightened too tight i have self centre steering makes going no hands another risk you have to take. The bike is not that old but has over 40,000kms on it.

Re: no thread headset option in ECHO

Hi Stewart

All custom Echo frames are UK made and have non integrated head tubes as standard. If you wanted a Chris King headset the a UK made Echo would be the way to go.

Best regards