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Any roadshows planned for 2009 yet ?

Hi Jim and Mark,

Do you have any plans for any roadshows this year, especially in the Leicester area which is particularly poorly served for Enigma dealers ?

Re: Any roadshows planned for 2009 yet ?

Hello John,

I doubt that we will be able to organise an open day in your area any time soon I'm afraid. We have been bogged down with building works on our new factory and with our move now planned for the 20th February we will have little spare time over the next couple of months. We will maybe try to do something later in the year.


Re: Any roadshows planned for 2009 yet ?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply.

If it's not confidential information, where will your new factory be (county ?).

I just wondered if your factory might be any nearer to me than your HQ.

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