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Eulogy vs Madone

Hi guys - I'm new to the forum and have had a good look through the threads. I'm deeply struck by the Eulogy, but have never owned Ti, always been a carbon lover. I can't see much discussion about the relative merits of carbon vs Ti (or Ti/carbon, more accurately). I am planning a purchase very soon, and have shortlisted down to Trek Madone vs Eulogy - I'm hoping someone on this site can persuade me to the latter!

Re: Eulogy vs Madone

I purchased my first Omega titanium frame about five years ago and even though it has 8000 miles on the clock, it still looks as good today as it was when it was new.

My view is that titanium frame is purchased much more through you head than your heart as it is more robust and they tend not to date as quickly as some of the carbon models.
A titanium frame is simply a sensible and intelligent choice, however I am aware that emotions do creep in when purchasing a bike and one does not always make the right choice!

As you are already doing your own research, I am sure that you will make a sensible and intelligent choice.

Re: Eulogy vs Madone


Well what can I say other than go for Ti, WHY ? you ask.

I have been a steel, Alu frame user for many years and earlier this year i was looking to upgrade to either carbon or Ti so after much research and posts on various I opted for the Ti option.

1. Excellent finish
2. No rust issue
3. Better life expectancy over carbon
4. Ti is still a bit of an exclusive option in my opinion v's carbon.
5, Carbon can break very easy if you happen to take a tumble.
6. I also looked at all the Ti options and i opred for an Enigma Esprit and I still have to build it up as a new dream bike with full dura ace, enigma bars, stem, carbon bottle cages and all the other finishing kit.
7. GO FOR Ti and you will not be disappointed.


Re: Eulogy vs Madone

Thanks - agree about the beauty contest - Ti is the clear winner.
What about performance though? I'm a sportive/long day rider, and also enjoy the sprints around town on a day to day basis. I know carbon has a small weight advantage, and can be both stiff and comfortable - how would the Eulogy compare on this, or is it all too subjective to accurately compare??

Cheers guys


Re: Eulogy vs Madone


“I'm a sportive/long day rider, and also enjoy the sprints around town on a day to day basis”. That is exactly what I do with my titanium bike!

Even though my bike is now five years old, it still gets drooled over by other cyclist. In fact I took it into a car showroom on Sunday and it got more attention than any of the other vehicles there!

My frame came out at 1.1kgs so I cannot see that there would be much of a weight advantage, however I am sure that Mark can come up with some engineering/ performance figures for the benefits and disadvantages of the two materials.

Re: Eulogy vs Madone

Hope this helps you MO.
I have a friend who ownes a Madone and I own a Eulogy, now I could not wait to show off my purchase of the Eulogy and let him take it round the block. He was full of praise for my bike and he is a carbon freek. Both bikes have there merits but the Madone only has a 2 yr warranty on the carbon while Titanium is a life time warranty. Now paying the money you will be, it may be a good idea to purchase titanium over carbon. The Eulogy is a fantastic bit of engineering and will propell you faster than you can imagine in perfect comfort. My friend has said that his Madone fits him perfectly and he is more than happy with it but agree's with me about how fantastic the Eulogy is.

Re: Eulogy vs Madone

I think the advice is bang on about the durability of Ti for everyday use and robustness from damage in cars, planes etc. The frames are not as light as carbon (if that really matters).

However, as the owner of two Omegas I know you never have the excuse to buy a new frame as they are still as good as new after 7 and 4 years. As you will be living with the frame for a long time I'd go for a "classic" style with no carbon rear end (which can be damaged; defeating the point of Ti)or funny tube shapes (like aero down tubes which catch cross winds)which go in and out of fashion.

Ti, classic or semi compact, no carbon for me. Just like my original Omega TXL which, today, looks better than the Alchemy.

Re: Eulogy vs Madone

Hi Mo

I think that the Eulogy would be more exciting to ride than an all carbon frame, Titanium has a certain road feel that you just don't get with carbon. The Eulogy is our stiffest frame but is still comfortable too. I originally designed the Eulogy for Sean Yates, team Discovery manager and he loves the ride, he could have easily had a Madone I guess, but he still rides his Eulogy, it's a very special bike.

Are you able to come down for test ride?

Best regards


Re: Eulogy vs Madone

I'm still torn! Am definitely persuaded by the beauty of Ti.
I would love to do a test ride, and ideally a comparison. My nearest dealer appears to be Salisbury (I live in Bristol), so I will try to arrange a head to head there. Otherwise, my mother-in-law lives in E Sussex, so could possibly combine a trip down there with a visit to ground-zero. Would definitely soften the pain....

Re: Eulogy vs Madone

Hey Mo,

I own a super fantastic sexy Enigma Effusion and I'm not a big fan of "jelly mould" plastic bikes, so I'm not biased towards Ti and Enigma .
If you're gonna choose carbon over Ti at least go for something with style and tradition.... Colnago C50/Extreme, or Wilier, or Bianchi, or even Raleigh. The Madone has to be 2000/1/2/3/4/5/6/7's "Chav" bike of the year! (When did Lance make them popular?)
Enigma might not have tradition (as they're young) but they're Ti and they're building a strong reputation.

Go and buy a bunch of flowers tomorrow and drive over to E Sussex, give your Mother-in-law a big hug-n-kiss, then get down to "Chez Enigma" and see what real bikes are made from.... it ain't plastic!