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Titanium Top-Cap


Don't laugh but I really want a titanium top-cap to complete the look of my CK ti headset on my Seven Sola (hey, you guys didn't exist when I bought it!)

Any chance you guys would consider selling the top-caps seperatley from your headsets?



Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Hello Rob, at this stage we only have titanium top caps as part of the headset. However we will be offering the top cap on its own later in the year as part of our expanding range of goodies. Jim

Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Great, look forward to getting a step closer to an all-ti bike! The tyres are going to be tricky...

Re: Titanium Top-Cap

An "all Ti" bike - have you managed to source a titanium chainset? Would love to see that.

Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Sibex used to make titanium SRM cranks http://www.sibexsports.com/images/TiCranks_021.jpg

Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Hi Rob

we do have a couple of spare titanium top caps, with titanium bolts too. They are £14.99 for cap and bolt if you are interested?

Best regards

Mark Reilly

Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Hi Mark,

Just re-visited the site for the first time in a while and clocked your message.

I am still interested in a Ti top-cap and Ti bolt. What's the best way to order/pay?

Can you email me back? robingjones@gmail.com



Re: Titanium Top-Cap

Thanks for the great service guys!

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