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Thanks to the help of a very kind Cajun amigo, the Dr. Robert Forum is back, better than ever, at:

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Be well,

robert's Forum
This Forum is Locked
Why The Forum Is Locked, and What Happens Next

The forum is locked because of an organized spam attack perpetrated by a group of malicious imbeciles who, since they lack the character and intelligence to create or make anything for themselves, spend their sad days trying to disrupt the work of others. One does not have to understand much psychology to see that the motivation for this kind of vandalism is envy of those who are brighter and more creative than they are.

People who tear down and destroy in this way always lack any real intellectual gifts, and try to convince themselves that their cleverness as hackers proves that they are astute. This is only a self-delusion. If they had any real brains, they certainly would not be be devoting their time and energy to such worthless pursuits, but would be using their minds to accomplish something worthwhile for themselves and others.

This can be seen clearly in the case of Adam Alexandropos, the original motivator of this barrage of spam, who came to this forum pretending to be a person of superior mentality, while writing posts filled with misunderstandings, errors, and just plain idiocy. When the forum regulars, along with myself, pointed this out to him, the spam began.

Here is Adam at his most foolish:

If you would like to see how these dolts spend their time, and how they go about destroying what they cannot understand, you can visit their website here:

and here:

I will make other arrangements for the forum, and will post the new location on my website at:

I am sorry for the trouble and disappointment, and hope to have the new forum up soon.

Be well,