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Re: Relationships

This foundation of your relationship is shattered. Anything you pursue after the collapse is fragile and will eventually explode on itself.

It's your choice though. Can you live without a cheating whore?

Re: Relationships

Is this worth pursuing? Or let it go? Do you think she has regrets?

You sound like a whiny bitch. Did she take your balls with her? I know this hostility is not called for but someone needs to stop coddling the poor, hurt little lamb.

Re: Relationships

Not trying to be whinny,trying to educate myself for my next relationship. Its hard to find true love & i beleive I found it. How would you approach someone like this to sit down and talk about this or just let it go. Once a cheater always a cheater!How do you prevent this from ever happening again?Can you??Are all women two faced!! Are they about sex,money & Fun!What about committment??

Re: Relationships

I can't answer you that, being what i am but women, just like men, are individuals and there will be assholes on both sides. You live and learn to know the signs before you get attached and in the future, won't be in this situation.

Re: Relationships

Thats just it, I saw no signs. Complete 180 degree turn. Maybe her friends filled her head with BS. Shes 50 !!! Not sure!

Re: Relationships

Do you think she has any regrets or a conscience? Or is this simply a mean person!

The answer to that question really doesn't bring anything to yourself. A bit of time and separation will do all of what you are currently feeling, much unimportant. That is, only if you let yourself grow out of it. It is a heeling process. Like getting a drug or alcohol detox.

Btw, my belief is that there is no such thing as a soul mate or only one perfect person for anyone. It's bullshit that lazy and deluded people tell to themselves. My point. You had a nice 5 year relationship which brought something to you. It made you happy and fulfilled. But don't look at it like a party of your body or something you can not survive without it. You had a life before, and you will have a life after each and every one in your life. Rely on yourself. And accept life like it is.