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Silent all the time!!!

Greeting with a great respect to you.

I'm 24 male. My problem is the inability to talk with people, I mean I can't get into the conversation with my friends, my family, everybody. I just keep silent all the time and don't know what to say or what to talk about? I'm being isolated slowly from the community and now I feel lonely, I don't know how to overcome this problem, how to break the silence and speak up. I had this since many years where I was normal before it become an apparent problem. and it is just getting worse.

Please help me, I'm really in big problem and I need help

Thank you very much


Re: Silent all the time!!!

You could try observing other people; watch them, listen to them, figure out what they talk about. If you can work out how other people do it, you're one step closer to being able to do it yourself. Being naturally quiet isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. People love a good listener. All you have to do is get them talking, then really listen to what they're saying. Try to understand their point of view. Look interested. Nod occasionally. Not much else needed. Would any of this help you?

Re: Silent all the time!!!

This is a problem which cannot be helped by advice, but needs personal treatment by a psychotherapist. I assume you live in a part of the world which does not provide such services routinely, so this may present difficulties. I really do not know what to suggest beyond the advice already given by Dragontongue