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Re: Am I dangerous?

Its just a fantasize. But if I could get away with it.... thats another thing.

Re: Am I dangerous?

Are you dangerous? No. Are you a pathetic attention seeker? Most definitely.

Re: Am I dangerous?

Am i a attention seeker? No
Am i pathetic? Most definitely. Why? Beacuse I dont now how a liver tastes.

Re: Am I dangerous?

But do you think I need help? beacuse its just a fantasize. Is it normal to fantasize about that?

Re: Am I dangerous?

If you think you would indeed be able to kill them and eat their livers then you are dangerous. I also like to fantasize abut evil things done by me to others but I wouldn't be able to do it but for the situation that I would be really infuriated.

Re: Am I dangerous?

I smell a troll.