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family wedding

I am struggling with a decision on whether to attend a cousin's wedding, due to my relationship with my mother. Recently, my eldest son wed and I was unable to attend (out of country and I suffered an injury). Not attending my son's wedding has been emotional difficult to me. My mother is aware of my son's recent wedding, however, has said nothing to me about it - no congrat's etc, but did ask my sister to look up his wedding picture on facebook. Her grandchild married! This communication has only been to my sister.

My mother is over the moon with her nephew's up coming wedding. She even held a shower for the future bride to be and made a big fuss about it. I didn't attend the shower as I was too upset about not attending my own son's wedding (this happened within 2 weeks of each event). I have no desire to go to this wedding, more importantly no desire to see or be with my mother. I'm hurt that she doesn't recognize her grandson's wedding and is elated about a nephew's wedding. I don't believe I'm being selfish by not attending, but others do and really don't understand my sadness. Am I over-reacting or doing what seems right for me?


Re: family wedding


No right or wrong here. Just follow your heart in matters like this. If you really cannot decide, I usually think it better to err on the side of being more open to experience--that is, saying "yes" more often than saying "no," but that's just me.