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Re: Desires

Quote: Hexi
My apologies, i had to prod a bit to get something out of you.

You didn't have to prod me. You could have just asked.

Quote: Hexi
Seriously... he hates violence yet has a house full of guns? Can you see how illogical that is?

We have knives, too. We use the knives to fix food. We use the guns to get food. Just because you can hurt someone with something doesn't make that something bad.

Quote: Hexi
Does the thought of violence excite you to a point of a hard-on? Be honest here.

I don't know what a hard-on feels like. When I have these urges, my heart beats faster and I get this amazing feeling radiating and tingling out from the palms of my hands and just under my breastbone. Sometimes my breathing becomes uneven.

Quote: Hexi
Have you ever killed a living being? Something humans relate to, like a dog or something? If so, how did that make you feel?

Just a stray cat, once. I used a skinning knife. I was feeling like I described above when I grabbed it and then I got mad when it scratched me and.... I don't know how to describe it. I liked it a lot, but I never did it again. It was kind of hard to clean up, and I was so scared someone would see me.

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