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Re: Remorse About Bestiality Experience.


It is not about having the right to forgive yourself, but a question of understanding what Doctor Robert said. Remember that this is a man who has years of experience in dealing with human development, human sexuality, and human suffering. Remember also that he is a trained and credentialed professional who has studied these subjects deeply. In other words, GoneBad, it is time to stop putting your faith in all the ignorant moral judgments you have been taught (sexual pleasure is bad, for example), and instead listen to the words of an expert:

"Children who are just coming into puberty often experiment sexually in various ways, including playing around with animals. This kind of play with animals is not necessarily "bestiality," as it would be when carried out by an adult, but more often the kind of innocent exploration, akin to masturbation and playing doctor, needed by all children in order to come to terms with their growing sexual needs." [italics are mine]

Re: Remorse About Bestiality Experience.

And I respect everything you said. But it still doesn't change the fact that people go to jail for this. How could i do such a thing. I only had the luck of not being caught. The pain in my chest is so great I actually feel my heart is going to stop this very minute. I would go and see a therapist but I am afraid and ashamed. :(

Re: Remorse About Bestiality Experience.

See the therapist. You need it. Believe me. And people do not go to jail for what you did. That is ridiculous.

Re: Remorse About Bestiality Experience.

I want to forgive myself but I'm not sure I have the wright. If it's illegal and you are saying to me these things sometimes happen. Who should I listen to???????? The anxiety about the whole thing is getting a kick out of me. It hurts so much.

I wasn't planning on replying outside my own thread on this forum, but i kinda want to reply to this one.

You're worried about it being illegal? Who cares if it's illegal. Apparently you have emotional problems surrounding this, i wouldn't worry about framing it as a criminal issue, too. They ain't tapping your phone, what are you worried about? It's not like you sit around the dog park in an unmarked van with a bag of treats in your lap. Do you?

Of course you have the right to not care about it, you're the only one who does care about it. Go ahead and go find a cop on the street and turn yourself in, tell him what happened and see how quickly he tells you to go away.

Wanna get over it? Get a dog. The biggest one you can find. Bring it home, and if you can manage not to molest it then you're normal, and you can stop worrying about it.

But if you've got kids, watch them. Sometimes kids get curious about physical bodies and don't know any better. Because they are children. And sometimes children will do things that adults would never do, and might find it embarrassing when they become adults and start worrying about things they did when they were, again, children and didn't know any better.

Re: Remorse About Bestiality Experience.


You made me laugh.

And I didn't laugh for a while now.

I get it. I'm just one of those "overwhelming guilt people". I reject religion and God and heaven but act like I want to be first in the line for all of those things.

p.s. and Renee - Bestiality is illegal to my knowledge.