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Re: Remorse? No. More like indigestion.

Faking emotions is quite easy as people see in you what they want and expect to see.

Can a sociopath understand the emotions you mentioned? Yes he can, on an intellectual level atleast. The same way a bling man knows what something looks like if you describe it to him in detail. The same way he knows that, for example, the statue of liberty is magnificent because he is there and people around him go "wooo" and "aaah it's so awesome". With these experiences of observation of others reactions and descriptions, he could convince another person that he has seen it, even though he has not.

I don't think they are fully blind though, otherwise they would be robots. They lack the range and depth, barely even noticing emotions.

Re: Remorse? No. More like indigestion.

Faking emotions is quite easy as people see in you what they want and expect to see... he could convince another person that he has seen it, even though he has not.

Could the lie be convincing enough to be considered self-delusional?

I think my question boils down to awareness. The color blind man may go through life never knowing, or be bothered by his lack of acuity. As far as he is concerned he has seen all the colors in the world. He is only made aware of his issue when it is pointed out externally that he doesn't see everything perfectly.

Does a sociopath require the same kind of enlightenment to be fully aware of his personality? Does an undiagnosed sociopath, i should say, believe they experience proper emotions until they are told they do not?

Or, do they know how remorseless, guiltless and cruel they are, and just don't care enough for it to be an issue.

I will admit that i'm asking for myself. If i have ever felt guilt or remorse, i am questioning the validity of those feelings. I don't think i am a sociopath, but, it would certainly explain why i lie better than i tell the truth and don't care to maintain attachments to other people. I manipulate things to suit me, often, and don't usually care how my actions effect others. The lone caveat being that i do care if i know that my actions will make others give me grief for how my decision effects them --but to counter this i usually lie or cheat the situation to avoid the blame. I still mostly do what i want at the expense of others. i don't appear to care.

i don't know. Maybe i'm nothing more than a normal douchbag and gaining the label 'sociopath' would do nothing but reinforce those behaviors and make me more of a douch. A label such as that would require no self improvement, since none would be available to me.

But, maybe i am, and like when i was told i was colorblind it didn't make a spits worth of a difference to me.

Re: Remorse? No. More like indigestion.

Yes, it's quite easy to decieve yourself into thinking you are normal and the thought that you know you shouldn't do something quickly turns into thinking you feel as you shouldn't do something. Afterall, what do you have to compare the experienece to if you never truly felt guilt?

Some don't even realise it and some, like you said, know but don't care. Why would they? Does a blind man care that the sky is blue? The colour of the sky has never affected him in any way, shape or form and never will.

Re: Remorse? No. More like indigestion.

Dr. Robert used that colorblind analogy in one of his ask dr. robert pages called,

Can a Psychopath Be Taught Values and Morals?

He even posted some colorblind eye charts.