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Re: Message for Daniel Birdick

I don't know if by "his" you were referring to me, but just in case you were, I was not displeased. Me and Disney have had online conversations before. She'd know that I was making a pop-culture reference with the "let's call the whole thing off" thing. I was and am amused though by her moralistic sounding comments.

You could think of all of Robert Greene's books as self help for the cynical (read realist) set. It's just another perspective, another way to view the various social/political circumstances we all find ourselves in. Naturally I don't think of these things in terms of good or bad. I think of them as useful or not.

Re: Message for Daniel Birdick

Well then we would have things in common. Lets chat soon. You have earned my respect if that matters...if not, I just want to have an intelligent soul to converse with:-)

Re: Message for Daniel Birdick

'lets chat soon'? oh man, you gotta love these forums.

again, the book is an awesome read but also has conflicting laws but it provokes thought and maybe here and there some delusional dogmatic ( and thus failing) following?

Re: Message for Daniel Birdick

Disney, anyone who takes this or any other book dogmatically deserves whatever they get, especially failure.